What We Do

National Grid Partners (NGP) serves as the eyes and ears of the business, searching for innovations to keep National Grid at the forefront of the energy industry. As the corporate investment and innovation arm of one of the world’s largest investor-owned energy companies, NGP is helping drive the transition to a more digitized, smarter, and renewable energy system. NGP does so by investing and collaborating at the intersection of emerging technology and energy.

What They Do

RiskIQ is a leader in digital threat management and provides comprehensive discovery, real-time monitoring, and mitigation of threats associated with an organization’s digital presence.  Today, 75% of attacks originate outside the firewall. The proprietary RiskIQ Illuminate® platform combines advanced data reconnaissance and analytics to expedite investigations, understand attack surfaces, assess risks, and defend against digital threats. This array of cybersecurity elements, combined with RiskIQ’s in-house expertise, safeguards their customers against the ever-evolving range of digital attacks.

Why NGP Invested

NGP was impressed with RiskIQ’s success as a category leader in digital attack surface management. The company is a critical underlying Internet data provider to much of the cybersecurity industry, with a wide array of industry-leading customers. The successful deployment of RiskIQ’s products as a pivotal component of National Grid’s global cybersecurity strategy was another reason for our investment.

Cybersecurity Use Case — Benefits to National Grid and the Customers We Serve

NGP’s investment in RiskIQ will help bolster National Grid’s ability to safeguard critical utility infrastructure, protect sensitive public information and remain a leader in cutting-edge cybersecurity protection. As a utility, National Grid has an obligation to operate at full capacity for its customers, including during the global pandemic. With RiskIQ’s technology at its disposal, National Grid will be better positioned to improve the way it protects its technicians in the field while simultaneously monitoring National Grid networks in real-time. This level of cybersecurity provides invaluable peace of mind.

“This strategic investment from National Grid Partners enables an incredible opportunity to help customers in new markets thrive as their attack surfaces expand, especially now amid the Covid-19 pandemic.”  – Elias Manousos, CEO and Co-Founder, RiskIQ.

Leading the way and delivering impact

RiskIQ is delivering value within National Grid through its PassiveTotal® and Digital Footprint® products in our US and UK Security Operations Centers. RiskIQ’s PassiveTotal product is designed to discover security events across National Grid’s networks; RiskIQ’s  Digital Footprint product assesses and analyzes network usage and helps National Grid to prioritize and implement mitigation techniques. As we look to expand our relationship, these two core technologies could become key components in National Grid’s global cybersecurity strategy.

“Ensuring confidence in data security is vital, especially during these uncertain times,” says Simon Jenner, Chief Information Security Officer, National Grid. “Investing in next-generation security technology from RiskIQ will deliver the reassurance that our customers and communities need from mission critical organizations such as utilities.”

With NGP’s support, RiskIQ will continue working with National Grid to bolster our cybersecurity networks, enhance our mitigation capacity, defend against future attacks and ensure undisrupted delivery to our service territories, while also protecting our customers’ vital information.