What We Do

National Grid Partners (NGP) serves as the eyes and ears of the business searching for new ideas and disruptive innovations that will keep us at the forefront of the energy industry. Whether it is investing in new technologies or getting smarter about how we work every day, we need to be one step ahead.

Staying a step ahead is vital in proactively ensuring the safety and security of our critical assets, and ultimately our customers, through ICS cybersecurity innovation.

This is why Dragos is part our portfolio group of companies.  Dragos is already yielding impact on National Grid’s business on both sides of the Atlantic.

What They Do
Dragos is a leading cyber-security provider for industrial control systems (ICS).

Industrial control systems run the critical infrastructure that maintains our way of life and provides us with safe and, reliable heat, electricity, fuel and water. Keeping gas pipelines, electric grids and water treatment facilities secure from potentially devastating cyber-attacks is vital.

Why NGP Invested
In November 2018, National Grid Partners made an investment in Dragos alongside other leading strategic and financial investors, recognizing Dragos’ leadership position in ICS cyber-security. This investment enables National Grid to stay ahead of the curve in industrial cybersecurity innovation.

Prior to its investment, National Grid subscribed to Dragos Worldview–an industrial threat intelligence service to monitor industry-wide ICS threats for both our UK and US businesses. National Grid Partners’ investment will help build a more collaborative relationship between our companies.

Benefits to National Grid and its Customers
Our cyber-security team will be conducting a pilot of Dragos’ asset identification, threat detection and response software platform to help secure our critical infrastructure. Our investment should also generate impact to National Grid’s UK and US businesses, which ultimately, helps ensure continuous safe and secure delivery of energy services to customers.

“One of the exciting parts of working with National Grid Partners is their expertise and their ability to provide insights — not only from the financial and investments sides, but also into the electric, generation and gas markets that we wouldn’t be able to necessarily get access to otherwise.” – Jon Lavender, Chief Technology Officer, Dragos

What this Means in the Future for National Grid
By widely deploying a leading ICS security solution such as Dragos, National Grid will enhance its capability to prevent catastrophic cyber-attacks.

Philip Tonkin, Head of National Grid Cyber Operational Technology said: “We have a strong, robust, cyber-security strategy in place to keep control systems secure at National Grid and have used Dragos’ threat intelligence system alongside this for some time. We are looking forward to running a pilot of Dragos Platform software in the future which uses detailed analytics to help detect and prevent cyber threats.”

Leading the Way and Delivering Impact
Critical asset threats are on the rise, so an industrial-specific cybersecurity strategy is vital to organizations and their customers. National Grid is leading the way in addressing ICS cybersecurity. Through our relationship with Dragos, National Grid will have access to expertise and technology that make it possible to anticipate when a specific threat is occurring, and what the attack is and what to do about it, before it happens. National Grid is confident that by employing Dragos’ software solutions, it will be able to continuously and proactively maintain a superior cybersecurity and critical asset safety program for the betterment of our customers.

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