Access to more than capital.

Entrepreneurs and innovators who team with National Grid Partners can leverage the expertise of one of the world’s leading energy companies. Learn below how our Innovation and Incubation functions help turn ideas into disruptive businesses. And read how, together with our Venture Acceleration team and the Next Grid Alliance, they can help your company access a wealth of new resources and targeted introductions.

Partners Innovation


NGP’s Disruptive Innovation Center of Excellence helps turn great ideas — from National Grid employees or the broader energy ecosystem — into projects with the potential to become independent businesses. Read more from our VP of Innovation.

Case Study

All hands on deck:
Moving the UK’s port industry off fossil fuels could require enough electricity to power a million homes.


Case Study

Thinking outside the bus.
See how NGP’s innovation team proposes to cut CO2 emissions while helping low-income schools.

Innovation Across the Enterprise

See how NGP’s Innovation Reporting team helps National Grid better keep track of hundreds of innovation projects across two continents.

Partners Access Capital

Incubation and Pathfinding

Want to shape the energy industry’s future? Here’s how we can help you create the next big thing.


Meet in person with NGP leaders for one-on-ones, fireside chats and social events at our San Francisco meeting space.

Sweat Equity

Work with subject matter experts as well as seasoned investors and operators to drive insights into the market and new products. Our unique business development resources help align new opportunities with your strategic roadmap.


Secure a long-term partner. We look for early stage venture returns, so we behave like rational financial venture partners throughout a portfolio company’s life cycle. We believe in staying with a company and investing across follow-on rounds.

Partners Culture Acceleration

Venture Acceleration

Immersive programs give our startups access to National Grid experts while bringing entrepreneurial thinking and cutting-edge insights to Grid. It’s a win-win.

Interested in learning more? Let’s connect.

Venture Fellows

Emerging Grid leaders learn entrepreneurial skills and new ways of working via extended immersions in our innovation, incubation, venture capital and business development teams.

Advising Startups

National Grid leaders guide our startups through the energy industry’s unique challenges, while providing valuable introductions to other industry leaders.


Dedicated time for Grid teams to engage on complex, future-focused topics for a full month.

Partners NextGrid Alliance

NextGrid Alliance

Harness the power of technology and innovation in the energy sector. Collaborate with utility companies worldwide to solve shared technological challenges in the face of climate change. Learn more.


Tap into the collective intelligence of the industry through webinars, portfolio company technology days and the annual NGA Summit. If you’re a utility company executive, send a request to join the Alliance.


Collaborate on projects and leverage the ecosystem. If you’re a current NGA member, access our members-only portal.


Portfolio companies and NGA members build strategic partnerships to test and scale new technologies.