Our team.

National Grid Partners has expertise and discipline in Incubation, Corporate Venture Capital, Innovation and Business Development. But what sets us apart is the backing by the National Grid brand, our unique investment strategy and approach towards innovation. Learn more about this passionate group, made up of proven technology and innovation executives, below.

Lisa Lambert

Chief Technology and Innovation Officer
Founder & President, National Grid Partners


Dillon McDonald

Vice President, Incubation

Avra Durack

Director, Incubation

Hilary Flynn

Director, Incubation

Corporate Venture Capital

Pradeep Tagare

Vice President, Corporate Venture Capital

Kristian Bodek

Director, Corporate Venture Capital

Ian Cooper

Managing Director, Head of CVC Europe

Andre Turenne

Director, Corporate Venture Capital

Patrick Walsh

Director, Corporate Venture Capital

Business Development

Kareem Fahmy

Vice President, Business Development

Swati Dasgupta

Director, Business Development

Jonathan Glass

Director, Business Development

Daniel White

Director, Business Development


Brian Ryan

VP, Innovation

Colette Lamontagne

Director, Innovation

Stephen Marland

Director, Innovation

Michael Cooper

Principal Analyst, Innovation

Aaron Marks

Lead Analyst, Innovation

Venture Fellowship

Matthew Bloom

Lead Analyst, Venture Fellowship

Soolmaz Moshiri

Manager, Venture Fellowship

Liena Vilde

Manager, Venture Fellowship


Ian Barth

Chief of Staff

Caue Mancanares

Graduate Intern

Linda Ponikvar

Executive Assistant

Kathleen Stannard

Personal Assistant

Amy Fletcher

Personal Assistant

Corporate Functions

Mitchell Carroll

Vice President & Deputy General Counsel

Tom Williams

Head of Finance, NGP

Rafael Sulit

Head of Marketing, NGP

Sharon Watson

Communication & Engagement Manager

Jacquelyn Rapp

HR Business Partner, NGP

Bepie Louis

Senior IT Analyst